Welcome to ANIDA 2023

The 16th International Workshop on Advanced Network Infrastructure and Data Analysis will be held in Konjiam Resort, Korea, 16-19 January 2023. The ANIDA workshop series is one of the official conference/workshop series of the ICRP, the Institution of Creative Research Professionals (http://www.theicrp.org).

Smart Spaces (SS) represents an advanced communication environment featuring daily-life objects that continuously involve and are focused on final non-expert users. SS has rapidly emerged as an exciting new paradigm that tends to include different active research fields such as ubiquitous, grid, and P2P computing. SS environments have recently raised tremendous interests in both the academic and the industrial research communities as one of the most promising application fields for pervasive computing services.

The ANIDA workshop series aims to address system and network issues for SS communications. It will solicit both original research papers and review articles that enhance the state-of-the-art in these fields, including topics like effective context extraction and representation, context-based service discovery, context-based service composition, integration of legacy systems and services, security theory, business models, and novel applications that are associated with SS utilization.

Data Engineering (DE) represents one of the cutting-edge fields where we collect and analyze all kinds of the data that our society is operating and we creates insights from the analyzed results. Through DE, we can obtain the optima by imitating the real world in the virtual world or creating and simulating a digital twin. Eventually, by applying this to the real world, we can make our real life rich and efficient and moreover, we believe that DE helps us to find the way to the most stable future for mankind, where we must use the earth's limited resources.

The ANIDA workshop series will be a forum for sharing various research results in the DE field such as metaverse, data visualization, big data analysis, digital twin. And all of them are the fields related to DE and can be discussed at the ANIDA workshop series.